Easiest BINGO Ever!

So glad I ran across Sarah @ Everybody is a Genius last week! As I stalked one of my new favorite math teacher blogs, I found the easiest way to do classroom bingo ever! All she suggested is to print a worksheet, any worksheet. Kuta Software is a great resource, but it can seriously be any worksheet and any skill.

Students are given a blank Bingo square with a list of answer choices at the bottom. They use those answer choices to make their own bingo card.
I then used a random number generator to choose a problem from 1 to 24. That number corresponded with the problem we worked from the worksheet. Students were excited to be so close to winning Bingo that they asked for another question even as time was running short.

I promise this is the easiest way ever to transform a worksheet into interactive practice of a math skill. You only need a worksheet of 24 problems with the answer key and to create a bingo square. Thanks so much to Sarah @ Everybody is a Genius for sharing! Go check out her blog for great ideas and lots of interactive notebooking resources.

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