New Classroom...EEK!!!

I am super excited and super overwhelmed about my new classroom! I can't believe I have a room with windows and it's so large! Today, I dropped by school to drop off some things to get them out of my house and to possibly do a little cleaning while I was there.

To my surprise, all the furniture was along the walls and the things I had already brought to school were staked on top of cabinets and desks. While, I didn't get any work done today, I am excited about how it looks like a blank slate (other than the stuff the previous teacher left in the cabinets and on the shelves).

Window & a SMART Board...Woot!

...and another window! Woot! Woot!

I've already shared my classroom decor inspiration once before. If you haven't seen it already, check out this post! And I can't wait to give you a classroom tour once I have it all set up!


  1. I am extremely envious of your ginormous classroom. Can't to see what it looks like when you have it all put together. I do not start back until the end of Aug and won't even be able to get back into my classroom until mid August.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sherrie! We start back at the end of August as well, but admin is on campus most of the summer so the doors are open. I hope to get in at the end of July and get my classroom all set up so that during that week of staff development, I can focus on lesson planning. We shall see!