Connect Four: Pythagorean Style

As a kid, my brother and I played Connect Four frequently. I even remember having the travel version that we would take on trips.

Today's activity reminded me of those childhood days as I had to explain to some students how to play Connect Four. About half of my class was familiar with the game...boy, how times have changed!

Students received a game board and colored counters. Students paired up, picked their color and I flipped a counter to designate who would go first. Students then took turns choosing a problem that they both worked. If the student who picked the problem got it correct, they got to place their counter on the board. If they got it incorrect, the other student could steal with a correct answer. Students alternated choosing problems based on strategy for getting a Connect 4.

My students did a great job working today and enjoyed the Connect Four game format.The game board was made by a colleague. There are a few problems that were repetitive, meaning students could look at another problem on the board and use it to get the answer, but other than that, I loved it. I mean, we do want our kids to be resourceful, right?! No point in doing extra work when the answer is sitting in front of you. Anyway, here is a copy of the game board. It can easily be edited for various concepts. Enjoy!

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