Hot Seat Jeopardy

I'm not a huge fan of playing PowerPoint Jeopardy games in my class. I think this is mostly because of lack of management of the game on my part, and in turn, lack of participation by my students. Recently the planned lesson by a member of my team was another Jeopardy Review. This was the best Jeopardy Review we've done in my class because of the structure that was added.

Students were placed into teams of 3-4 students and sat in a line (one behind the other). The person at the front of the row was designated as being in the hot seat! Each student had a recording sheet which matched the Jeopardy categories and point values to show their work for each problem.

As we selected a problem, all students worked the problem on their recording sheet and as they finished could pass their paper up to the team member in the hot seat to offer their solution and help. As the team member in the hot seat decided on a solution (only with the work of his teammates, but without talking), he then passed their papers back. I then took answers for the team only from the hot seat.

After we finished the problem, students rotated up a seat, putting a new team member in the hot seat! The front student went to the back of the team line.

I really enjoyed this structure and so did the kids. All students were working. Accountability came from me taking up individual recording sheets and using their work to help their team! I think I will continue to do any Jeopardy lesson this way and not dread them so much now!


  1. I love the recording sheet! I also love the category "Are You Reasonable" on the game. Perfection. :)

  2. This is great! We play Jeopardy often when reviewing for tests, but I have changed my method for accepting answers almost every time. I also like the recording sheet. Thanks for sharing!