Love to Laminate!

Recently, I came across the game, "Scoot!" I'm not sure where I found it, but you can find a ton of examples by Googling or searching Pinterest. I made all my "Scoot" cards for reviewing rational number operations last night. After seeing a "Math Lib" activity in Gina's Teachers pay Teachers store, I was excited to just print the math problems on 2"x4" adress labels and adhere them to index cards. I also made answer keys that are color coded with the index cards. I got them all laminated today! I love to laminate my games in anticipation of making the game last longer than one day. I just need to find the time or a willing student to cut out my 28 laminated index cards + 7 answer key sheets!

I'm looking forward to playing "Scoot" in my classroom and can't wait to share!

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